Dealerslink announces the release of several new features at NADA 2023

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In response to increasing customer demand, Dealerslink has released their new CompView color feature which allows users to compare similarly colored vehicles in the marketplace quickly and easily. Along with this release comes another much anticipated addition: The Appraisal Report which gives dealerships up-to-date information on all appraisals conducted within the last day. These solutions provide valuable tools for dealerships looking to stay ahead of competition and offer best-in-class customer service.

The new CompView color feature is the next step in Dealerslink’s continuous evolution of enhancements to their CompView data sets. This enhancement allows customers to compare similarly colored vehicles in the marketplace.

They have taken all the cars in CompView and indexed them to simple basic colors, allowing their customer to only compare cars by color if they so desire.

“Our goal is to make sure that our store’s directors, GMs and Used Car Managers start their day with a clear picture of the performance metrics they need. Our top priority is providing excellent care for each customer by offering them easy access to all the vital information they require,” noted Devon Peterson, VP of Dealer Services at Dealerslink.

The newly released Appraisal Report is an extension of Dealerslink’s email reporting feature that includes their custom reports, inventory and sold data reports. Now they are adding the appraisal report. This allows customers to receive the report showing all the appraisals done the previous day. The appraisal report will show up to the last 7 days of pending appraisals. This is an expanded version of their in-app appraisal log.

These features, along with several more, will be premiered at this year’s NADA 2023 in Dallas, Texas. Additional features include the Dealerslink Valuation Boost, Automate DMS Profit Analytics, Ford OEM Build data, Toyota OEM Build data and much more.

Dealerslink continues its commitment to providing innovative solutions. For more information or to speak with a representative, please call 1-844-340-2522 today. Stay tuned for more updates from Dealerslink!

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