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“In today’s market, it is crucial to have as many avenues as possible to buy and sell inventory. Since we have over 500 used vehicles in stock, DealersLink allows me to work directly with other dealers trading retail-ready inventory without any transaction fees! I highly recommend this service!” Hunter Hollibaugh

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Andy Rhoads
Sales Manager - George Gee Buick GMC

In the past four months we have recorded $0 in wholesale losses. Before we had DealersLink, we would average $22,000 in wholesale losses per month.

Jeff Alter
General Manager - Texas Direct Auto

DealersLink is the wave of the future in the automobile business. I haven’t been this excited about anything since I met my fiancée.

Dave Sloan
General Sales Manager - Weld County Garage

DealersLink allows me to research the vehicles I really want and need. I find that dealers are really honest about the way they want to present their inventory and to keep a great rating. We usually sell around 15 vehicles a month and purchase 40 vehicles a month, with NO lane fees.

Alberto Chavez
Used Car Manager - Sonoma Chevrolet

I am Incredibly pleased with DealersLink service and knowledge. They answer their phones, and when they do, they know what they are talking about, which makes my life easier.

Jason Dugger
Manager - Tom Scott Honda

DealersLink allows me the opportunity to supplement my current inventory, and I have had great success with working with other dealers on buying and selling inventory.

Lowell Bushart
Used Vehicle Manager - Glenwood Springs Ford

DealersLink allows me to find the exact vehicle that my customer is looking for, I just bought the Jeep my customer wanted from a dealer in Montana. I can find vehicles that are front-line ready and I love working dealer to dealer rather than through a middle man or auction. You know who and what you are dealing with.

Tony Britton
General Sales Manager - Capital City Nissan of Topeka

We just started with DealersLink and sold a car immediately. We now have an opportunity to keep all of our appraisals within one system and they are easy to locate, and our exporting system is so much smoother with ExportPro™.

Tom Mahan
General Manager - Groton Ford

DealersLink has the best customer service of any vendor I use in my dealership. They even help out with other tech issues that aren't even theirs.

Mike Radosevich
Sales Manager - Tom Kadlec Honda

Absolutely love Dlink. We have bought 100+ cars in the six months with them and only had issues with two. I like to buy off Dlink because the cars are FLR and usually only need a quick wash and inspection, and can be placed on the front line quickly.

Loren Killion
Manager - Killion Motors

DealersLink is the most user-friendly system we have. I can book out my inventory once and it updates automatically, I also can run water reports for the accounting department, and the exporting is seamless to my third party sites. Every dealer should at least try DealersLink. There is no risk.

Glenn Mayer
UCM - Magnolia Motors

I called in wanting FastBook. All the dealers at the auction have it and I want to compete.

Dennis Campbell
Manager - Modern Classic Motors

The AuctionGenius mobile app stopped working at the auction this morning. I switched over to FastBook® Mobile and it saved my bacon.

Angie Rawley
Sales and Finance Consultant - OK Chevrolet

I have bought a number of cars on DealersLink and have gotten some killer deals!

Robb Hatch
President - Winslow Ford

We stay with and buy cars from DLink dealers because we know, for the most part, they are good cars. We know that they are there to assist with mediation issues when need be.

Jared Newman
Manager - Wysup Cars

Love the platform. I believe that DealersLink has the best and brightest minds going to work on their product offering, and it only gets better. By far the best system we have ever used and ever seen.