Can you live without your Mobile VIN Scanner?

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There is so much new tech continually hitting the market today it can be like a part-time job keeping up with the latest. Sure your mobile VIN scanner might work well, but how do you know if there’s something better out there?

Most mobile VIN scanners today all have similar features including retail market data, book values, and vehicle history reports. There are three basic factors to consider when deciding on a VIN scanner app for your dealership.

1. Dependability and usability

A mobile VIN scanner needs to be easy to use, reliable, and quickly display the information you need. Most apps have a free download option so dealers can test the VIN scanner prior to paying. Ask other dealers what VIN scanners they are using will help answer questions on dependability, “Does the app or service crash frequently?”  “Is it fast?” “How is the information displayed?”

2. Number of active users

Most VIN scanner apps advertise their lowest price first for only one user and one valuation guide. This may be a good value for a small dealer who only has one buyer appraising with NADA, for example, but a bad deal for a larger dealer that needs multiple users comparing different book values. If you’re paying extra for more users, you’re not getting the best deal.

3. Cloud Data

Cloud sync is critical. You don’t always have your phone or mobile device with you, or you may start the booking process at the auction and another person may finish it up at the dealership. Cloud sync gives every user the data they need when pricing inventory from any device.

VIN scanners are a critical part of every dealership’s operation. You make the money on the buy, and you better be on the money. Make sure you’ve got the best VIN Scanner app for your needs so you don’t get left in the dust when buying cars.

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