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LiquidationLink™ is Live!

Dec 01, 2008

We recognize how important it is to mitigate your auction risk exposure in the current market. There is nothing worse than paying transport and auction fees on a vehicle that rolls unsold through an empty auction lane. As an answer, we have released the zero-risk LiquidationLink. All units must be aggressively priced below NADA Trade. It is the final step in the Dealerslink inventory modeling life cycle, a system designed to leverage transaction efficiency, eliminate auction fees, reduce auction risk exposure and maximize sales opportunities for all Members. Please take a moment to review our process and learn more about the new LiquidationLink.

Process Overview

1. Inactive/Retail Units This is your retail strategy and no other dealers have access to your inventory. You have the ability to match your units to dealer Want Ads for a quick sale.

2. Active Units If a unit remains unsold following your retail-only period, use a profit-sharing strategy. By activating a unit, you immediately increase the opportunity for receiving cash on a profitable sale. This is the standard unit on the Network and price levels typically split retail and wholesale ranges as both dealers are sharing in the transaction.

3. Buy-Bid Units The Buy-Bid indicator is the third step in the process and notifies other dealers that you are more motivated to sell. This is a break-even strategy designed to avoid loss and quickly recover cash. Dealers are asking for a bid on a reconditioned, front-line ready unit, and the price levels are approaching auction rates to reflect these changes.

4. LiquidationLink This is a zero-risk exit strategy and occurs when the unit has not been retailed, no other Member has delivered an active buyer, and the Buy-Bids received were not accepted. Units sold on LiquidationLink are only days away from being sent to auction or a wholesaler and the dealer is using his last resort to liquidate the unit without incurring transportation costs and sell fees. Pricing on LiquidationLink should match auction pricing, and must be under NADA Trade, as it is a fees avoidance measure rather than a profit center.  

To learn more about DealersLink
CONTACT: Travis Wise at 877-859-7080 x302 travis.wise@dealerslink.com