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Dealerslink 2.6 goes live Tuesday, March 25!

Mar 24, 2008

1. Improved Vehicle Appraisal Tool Since its introduction, the appraisal tool has been a big hit. Now its even better.

- Original Invoice/MSRP data
- 2008 Invoice/MSRP data
- Saved vehicle book outs
- PDF Exports

2. One-click CARFAX Reporting Run CARFAX reports seamlessly from within your Dealerslink account. Simply enter your CARFAX username and password in your Settings page. We are currently the only vendor in the industry to offer this feature!

- View reports free of charge if they have been run by another dealer.
- Purchase CARFAX reports with your existing CARFAX account.
- Print the report and vehicle info for your customer directly from Dealerslink.

3. Upgraded Inventory Manager Weve rebuilt our inventory manager with a faster, easier interface.

- Tabbed interface so you can switch views with ease.
- Checkbox controls for faster vehicle status changes.
- One-touch CARFAX reporting.

4. Upgraded Watch List Interface:

- View vehicle photos with image expansion icons.
- Remove unwanted vehicles from your wish list folders.

To learn more about DealersLink
CONTACT: Travis Wise at 877-859-7080 x302 travis.wise@dealerslink.com