Behind the Numbers: How Much Our Members Save

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As the original creators of the dealer-to-dealer marketplace concept, we like to tout savings as one of the primary benefits of our platform. We have never charged auction fees, and we never will. And we continue to offer 24/7 access to an inventory of more than 50,000 clean retail-ready used vehicles.
When making a sales call to a prospect, one of the questions we often get asked is “Okay, how much is this really going to save me?” Part of the answer is “Well, it depends on how much you use the Dealerslink Marketplace.”
Since we are a data-driven company, we can also provide some quantifiable responses based on our aggregate client base. The following are some conservative estimates of how much money we helped our clients save in 2017.

Auction Fees Saved

*based on $350 per vehicle, the low end of fees at auction
Dealer members that use our Marketplace spend 83 percent less on fees and recon costs. To help dealers estimate how much money they can save by eliminating auction fees, we’ve created a new Auction Fee Calculator. Feel free to check it out.

Lot-Ready-Time Savings

*Based on the industry-average time of six days to get a vehicle lot-ready (costing an average of $50 per day) vs. two days for vehicles obtained through our Marketplace

Reconditioning Cost Savings

* Based on the low end of $300 per vehicle in reconditioning costs

Total Client Savings

Over $21,558,125
* Total estimated savings in 2017
The actual savings are probably even higher. These estimates don’t include additional costs like travel expenses to and from physical auctions, and the potential sales productivity lost when staff are away at auctions.
If you’d like to find our more about how Dealerslink can save your dealership money by eliminating auction fees and streamlining inventory procurement, give us a call at 844-340-2522 or email  

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