Automotive Dealers Look to Rebound after Hurricane Ida

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Appraising, Dealerslink News, Inventory Management | 0 comments

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, the state of Louisiana and much of the east coast are beginning to pick up the pieces after the storm wreaked havoc across large parts of the country. The automotive industry was hit particularly hard, as most dealers were unable to protect their inventories from the second-most destructive storm in Louisiana’s history.  Already facing unprecedented chip and inventory shortages, many dealers have now been placed in a difficult situation when it comes to stocking inventory. An article from industry publication Automotive News referenced one dealer who had lost 200 vehicles during the storm, making up his entire inventory. Unfortunately, he wasn’t alone.

Here at Dealerslink, our hearts go out to all of those affected and we are looking to help dealers in every way possible. Community has always been a crucial aspect of the Dealerslink model, and it hurts us to see so many automotive dealers facing tough times through a multitude of difficult circumstances.

While it’s very frustrating as a dealer to see your inventory damaged by factors outside of your control, it’s also important to remember that consumers, clients, and your competition have also had to deal with the same conditions. Those with damaged vehicles will look to replace them and continue to provide business to your dealership.

When it comes to examining your inventory after the storm, it’s important to pay attention to the following, as they may indicate flood damage:

  • Odor: A musty odor on the interior can be caused by still water
  • Damp or Loose Carpeting/Upholstery: Standing water can loosen upholstery and the interior carpeting of a vehicle
  • Rust: Whether on the interior or exterior, rust is often caused by water or moisture
  • Fog/Moisture Beads in Lights: These suggest that water has been on the interior of the lighting panels, likely caused by flooding

If your dealership is having trouble sourcing inventory, products like the Dealerslink Marketplace are a great way to fill your lots, all while supporting the automotive community. As the nation’s largest dealer-to-dealer marketplace, our automotive trading platform helps dealers buy, sell, and trade inventory anywhere in the country, eliminating auction and transportation fees to reduce wholesale losses. To learn more, or schedule a demo, visit us online at

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