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Wholesale Dealer Auction

All vehicles listed on AuctionLink must be priced below wholesale book value. You can buy a variety of retail-ready units every week at under MMR book.

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AuctionLink Features

Live Bidding

Place bids in real time against
other members.

View Inventory

Condition Reports

All listed vehicles come with
book-out and condition reports.

Below Wholesale

All vehicles listed on AuctionLink and LiquidationLink have to be priced below wholesale book value.
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No-Fee Platform

100% open auction platform with no buy or sell fees, ever.

Reserve Pricing

If bidding has not reached the reserved price when the listing ends, you are not required to sell the unit.

Flexible Memberships

Choose which plan is right for you based on your budget and how often you need to buy or sell units.
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Upstream Inventory

Source vehicles that will never go to a traditional auction like Manheim.

Automated Bidding

Set max bids on the vehicles you need if you are unable to attend the auction.

No Long-Term Contracts

Try four weeks of unlimited buying for the price of one auction fee. There is no risk.