Are You Stocked with the Right Units?

by | Aug 30, 2021 | New Car, Used Car, Wholesale | 0 comments

Whether we like it or not, inventory is currently the most restricted we’ve seen it in years, and stocking a lot has become an even more challenging task. Traditionally, determining your inventory needs has been a time-consuming process, involving a large amount of analysis, research, and a bit of guesswork. But thanks to our simplified stocking report, you can save you and your team the headaches and quickly find solutions to any of your stocking difficulties.

Different from a typical stocking report, ours does not break inventory down by price band. Instead, it sorts vehicles by type, ranging from small cars and minivans to half-ton SUVs and one-ton pick-ups. Rather than telling you the value of cars that you need, the Dealerslink simplified stocking report tells you what your customers need, allowing you to better cater to your clients and ultimately sell more vehicles.

simplified stocking report

The Dealerslink Simplified Stocking Report provides you with more than just streamlined analysis, however. It yields effective solutions in real-time, analyzing both recent and seasonal sales data trends to tell you how many cars you need to purchase or sell, and how they have performed statistically. Once you know which areas need to be stocked, our platform lets you “drill down” within your inventory, allowing you to see specifically which car models perform best and should be stocked, and which ones do not.

simplified stocking report

“The simplified stocking report allows store managers, who are responsible for sourcing vehicles, a quick way to identify vehicles by class where the store is low or high on inventory,” describes Dealerslink performance manager Matt Childers. “By keeping the report simple, it helps dealers to make quick, informed decisions instead of having to dive through multiple layers of data analytics.  In doing so, dealers can be more efficient and effective when trying to fill inventory holes on the lot.”

Once you know what you need, the Dealerslink platform makes it easy for you to find it. Our stocking report is directly integrated with our Dealerslink Marketplace, as well as our AuctionLink platform, allowing you to go directly from one to the other, and easily source your next vehicles. With unmatched ease of navigation and a variety of tangible, digestible data points, your lots will be perfectly stocked in no time.

So now that your team has all this extra time, it’s time to decide what you’re going to do with it… visit us online at to get started.

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