A Commitment to Service, Training and Support

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When a dealership signs on as a new Dealerslink member, it’s usually after they’ve done their research, talked with a rep, viewed demonstrations, and made the decision to commit to a dealer-to-dealer platform they hope will save them time and money. However, selecting Dealerslink doesn’t mean they have to give up their existing operating procedures.

We don’t dictate our processes to dealers, we work with them to enhance their processes,” said Dealer Services Director Devon Peterson. “Unlike some of our competitors, it’s never ‘our way or the highway’ with us.”

Peterson has worked in the auto industry for about 12 years and at Dealerslink for six-and-a-half. All Dealerslink consultants either have direct dealership experience or have been with the company a long time. Every member has a dedicated dealer consultant who develops a relationship with them. While other vendors tell you to call a support line when you need help, our consultants work directly with members to resolve issues; there is no handoff to a tech person who doesn’t know the dealership and its processes.

Dealerslink offers both virtual and on-site traning.

Setup and Training

When a new member comes onboard, the consultants recommend that their staff complete the online Dealerslink Training Center module to become familiar with the features. The module includes videos and tests, and can usually be completed within 25 minutes.

The dealer consultants then train online or visit the dealerships for one to two days of hands-on training. “We like to analyze the dealer’s processes, and really dig in and figure out how they do things and what’s working and not working,” said Peterson. “Their processes are usually very ingrained, and we customize the training to make it as easy as possible. There is no cookie-cutter approach.”

Ongoing support and certification programs help dealers get the most out of their memberships.

Ongoing Support and Certification

After that initial training, Dealerslink has a dedicated follow-up program that continuously consults with new members for the first 60 days. Even after that, there is a follow-up program that offers tips and assistance with inventory, pricing or whatever the dealership needs.  Other means of client communications include emails and an online chat feature.

We also offer a Dealerslink Certified program for individuals who want to fully utilize the buy and sell features within Marketplace. About 30 to 40 percent of clients also pursue the Advanced Certification program that shows they are adept at optimizing all the tools within the platform, like inventory management, photo management, live market pricing, etc.

Always There for the Client

As a company founded by dealership veterans, Dealerslink regularly solicits feedback from members. In fact, new developments are primarily derived from member feedback.

We tell clients we really want to be their partner, not just their vendor,” added Peterson. “We’re available any time to help them.”

Peterson points to one particular example of that commitment. Senior Dealer Consultant Joe Baye works with a major dealership group out of St. Louis that previously worked with a different vendor. The client commented that Joe always answers his cell phone on the first ring, even if it’s at 6 or 7 in the morning due to the time-zone difference. That client knows Joe is going to take that call and work with them until they are satisfied.

That type of personal service and support exemplifies what Dealerslink is all about – operating the most efficient and advanced wholesale marketplace in the nation in order to help dealers save time and make more money.

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