Dealerslink Announces Launch of Group Velocity Feature

Broomfield, CO – Automotive tech innovator Dealerslink has just announced its latest feature launch, a brand-new group velocity analytic tool. Serving both small- and large-scale clients, Dealerslink aims to cater to dealers with multiple locations with this release, offering a streamlined, analytical view of how vehicles are performing on a group-wide scale.

This launch comes on the heels of several other Dealerslink product upgrades and releases during Q4 of 2021, focused on helping dealers find success during the looming inventory shortage. Dealers utilizing the Group Velocity feature are given an inside look into their inventory, using the provided data to analyze which of their dealerships would be the optimal fit for a newly appraised vehicle. The tool also provides a data-driven “action” tab, giving dealers insight into the quantity of a vehicle that should be sold or purchased.

Once a vehicle has been appraised, users on the platform can see how many similar vehicles they have at each one of their franchise locations. Furthermore, they can see a variety of vehicle-specific metrics, such as store velocity and market velocity, telling them how quickly a vehicle typically sells at their dealerships, or within their market. Additionally, dealers are given the option to filter their results by vehicle type or by exact year, make, and model.

“To put it simply, this tool offers unparalleled market transparency,” remarks Devon Peterson, VP of Dealer Services at Dealerslink. “The group velocity feature gives dealerships groupwide visibility, allowing a larger-scale dealer to place a vehicle at the most advantageous dealership for maximum sales potential and inventory turn.”

To learn more about Dealerslink and its Group Velocity feature, visit www.Dealerslink.com.

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