Dealerslink Announces Bi-Directional Integration with Nation’s Three Largest DMS Providers

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Broomfield, CO – Cumulating months of research and development, automotive software innovator Dealerslink has just announced the completion of its DMS integration with automotive retailer Reynolds and Reynolds. This bi-directional communication offering allows dealers using the Reynolds and Reynolds Dealership Management System (DMS) to stay updated in near real time with the latest data from their Dealerslink platform, eliminating the need to manually upload or recheck data. This is the third major API integration from Dealerslink in the past year, as it now offers integrations with the three largest DMS providers in the United States: Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK, and DealerTrack.

While DMS systems have traditionally excelled at data storage and retention, they have a need for an analytical inventory management solution, something the Dealerslink platform specializes in. Previously, auto dealers have had to manually import data between their DMS and inventory management system, a task both time consuming and difficult. However, with the newest Dealerslink API integration, this process has been eliminated. Dealers utilizing both platforms can now rapidly share pricing data between the two systems with the click of a button.

A key feature of this integration is the DMS Writeback Solution. This aspect of the system allows pieces of information that have been changed inside of the Dealerslink platform (mainly pricing) to be rapidly “written back” into the Reynolds and Reynolds DMS system, ensuring that dealers are using the most up-to-date price when beginning a deal. This not only perpetuates trust with a customer but allows a dealership to maintain efficiency and profitability during every deal.

“Dealerslink has developed these integrations to help dealerships quickly, efficiently, and correctly price their vehicles. With these API write backs, no longer does a dealer have to do any kind of double entry to ensure that the pricing for their vehicles is correct inside their Dealership Management System.”

– Dealerslink Dealer Services Director, Devon Peterson

Complementing this DMS integration, Dealerslink has also received its Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) certification. This certification confirms that Dealerslink is a safe and secure vendor when it comes to data sharing between the two platforms. Both Reynolds and Reynolds and Dealerslink put a strong emphasis on data security and any dealership using the two systems can firmly rest assured that their data is secure at all times.

To learn more about Dealerslink and its API integrations, request a live demo.

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