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Hertz Dealer Direct
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Hertz Dealer Direct and DealersLink have teamed
up to offer high-quality, off lease rental vehicles at
competitive prices.
Hertz Dealer Direct
First Access to National Inventory
Hertz Dealer Direct
National Inventory
Get first access to Hertz and Dollar Thrifty's national inventory.
Preview on-rent vehicles before they are available auction.
First Access
Hertz Dealer Direct More Luxury Trim Packages
More Luxury Trim Packages
Than Any Other Fleet
Hertz units are better equipped with higher trim packages
than any other fleet lease company.
Dream Car Collection
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Hertz Dealer Direct® Inventory

DealersLink® Members now get first access to off lease Hertz and Dollar Thrifty national inventory. Preview on-rent vehicles before they are made available for sale at auction.

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Hertz Features

Trim Packages

Hertz inventory has a larger variety of luxury trim packages than any other carrier.

On Rent Inventory

Preview upcoming units still on-rent before they are offered for sale anywhere.

Hertz Reps

Deal exclusively with your existing local Hertz rep that you know and trust.

Enrollment Is Simple

Acquire quality Hertz inventory directly through the DealersLink Marketplace and eliminate auction fees.

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