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Getting Your Used Cars To The Digital Front Line Quickly

Any car dealership can stock the best cars and list them at the best prices, but if that dealership does not have have an effective inventory merchandising strategy they may be leaving gross on the table and missing potential showroom traffic.

This e-book offers insights into the processes that top-performing franchise and independent dealerships implement for their inventory merchandising strategies. Here are five best practices:

  • Mitigating vehicle reconditioning time
  • Market-based car pricing strategy
  • Creating attractive vehicle listings
  • Vehicle photo management
  • Automating the process

In this e-book, we explain each of these key points and show you how to effectively drive more showroom traffic to your dealership. To learn more, download our e-book: Getting Your Used Cars To The Digital Front Line Quickly

Maximize Vehicle Merchandising Performance

Drive More Showroom Traffic

ExportPro is an integrated automotive inventory merchandising tool designed to optimize online vehicle listings and drive more traffic to your dealership.

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Inventory Snapshot

Instantly see which vehicles are missing pricing, photos, descriptions or options added. Always know exactly where and when your dealership's inventory is being broadcasted online.

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Description Builder

Quickly and easily click to select and combine common pre-loaded phrases and keywords to create compelling online searchable vehicle descriptions without having to type out long descriptions.

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Photo Management

Shoot all the high quality photos you need using the built-in mobile app or the 16 megapixel HD CloudCam device. Then cloud sync to match the vehicle photos to your inventory and dealership website in one step. No more memory cards, photo renaming or sorting.

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Automated Listings

Automate your inventory feed to all your online classified listing sites and monitor them from a convenient easy to read dashboard.

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Exclusive Features

Scan VIN
Chrome Data

The most trusted and complete data sets in VIN explosion. Pull original MSRP factory specs data on any vehicle.

Book Value
Cloud Sync

Upload photos directly to the cloud in one step and update vehicle information from any device.


Take your vehicle photos to the next level with the 16 Megapixel, 21x optical zoom, HD CloudCam Camera. Match photos to car inventory instantly through the cloud.