Automotive Tech Support and Training
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Dealership Support

DealersLink is more than just a dealership software provider. Our Dealer Consultants are experienced retail automotive experts who fully understand dealership practices and common issues. Our Dealer Consultants and certification program ensures that every dealership is fully trained and fully supported.

Dealership Performance Management

All DealersLink Members work with their own dedicated Dealer Consultant. We ensure your team maximizes the capability of our software for exceptional results. Our Dealer Consultants will work with you through the initial implementation period and will provide continued support with regular follow up and training sessions.

Dealership Training

DealersLink offers comprehensive training on all aspects of our dealer direct marketplace and dealership tools. Our Dealer Consultants offer on-demand certification training, webinars and on-site sessions to ensure your dealership succeeds using DealersLink.

  • Virtual Training

    Training tutorials are available on demand inside the training center. Learn more on your schedule.

  • On-Site Training

    Our dealer consultants will schedule in person training sessions with your dealership’s personnel to ensure success using DealersLink.

  • Certification Program

    All DealersLink users who complete the Certification Program to gain extensive knowledge of the platform and show other members what they have achieved.

  • Live Webinars

    DealersLink offers its members a weekly webinar tutorial covering a different section of the software each week. All of these webinars are saved and offered on demand as part of the Virtual Training resources.