Dealership Inventory Analytics
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Dealership Inventory Analytics
Retail MarketCompetitor Pricing
Compare your vehicles to similar
retail units in your market.
Competition View
Retail Pricing Tool
Ideal DealershipInventory Mix
Inventory stocking suggestions show the best
vehicles to offer in your retail market.
Stocking Report
Market Velocity Reports
Market VelocitySee What Sells Fast
Compare retail market vehicle velocity with store
velocity and determine what units sell the fastest.
Velocity Reports
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Industry Leading Dealership Analytics

Optimize your inventory. Stock the right units, price them right and sell more faster. Utilize the data driven analytics dashboard to make informed stocking decisions. Easily see how your inventory is performing compared to your competitors.

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Analytics Features

Retail Market Analytics

Identify the fastest moving vehicles in your local market and how competitors are pricing them.

Health Reports

Monitor the health of your inventory relative to past performance & industry leading peers.

NADA Pre-Book Report

Preview next month’s book values a week before they update. Reports show which units will be most affected.

Velocity Reports

Compare retail market velocity with in-store velocity to determine if a trade is a fast or slow mover.
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Inventory Snapshot

Track photos, options, descriptions, & pricing percentages.

Competition View

The most comprehensive live retail market data for competitive pricing.
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Retail Pricing Tool

Efficiently analyze, re-price, & broadcast your online prices with a robust dashboard of pricing indicators.

Water Report

Automatically updates your inventory equity report when new books come out.

Stocking Report

Generates an ideal inventory unit mix report. Analyzes the sales history of your store and your retail market.


Every dealership wishes to have the right vehicles at the right price offered at the right time. DealersLink Analytics provisions this valuable inventory data empowering dealerships to optimize performance and profit.

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